With a changing society, it is fast becoming a reality that the working world is no longer just 9 to 5, and the legal world is no exception to this.   Our legally qualified specialists offer a consultancy service in conjunction with other leading experts in integrating bespoke systems into legal firms, to run in parallel with their current software, case management systems and compliance procedures.  Just imagine being able to work from anywhere with all of your files instantly to hand!

The paperlite procedure is a simple one.  In a nutshell, there are no paper files, only original deeds and signed documents (which are also scanned in to the system) are retained and all incoming and outgoing items logged into the case management system.

Here are just a few of the many advantages to using a paperlite system:

Reduction in Printing/Stationary/Equipment Maintenance Costs

At a bare minimum, there are no files or file copies of letters or emails printed and therefore there will be a natural reduction in costs for printing toner, paper and files to mention a few.

The reduction of use of the printers etc, will also mean that the wear and tear or on going maintenance to these items will be reduced.


Where people are not required to print copies for the file, they are more likely not to print at all and send correspondence by email.  With a paperlite system, it is far easier to send an email and save this in the folder, rather than printing and sending it through the post.  An individual’s natural instinct will kick in and they will opt for the easier option for them.  This in turn means far more correspondence is sent by email, which of course is the cheapest way to correspond.

With standard systems, there will be a delay where post is received at one office for a Fee Earner who works at another.  Working paperlite allows for the post to be allocated to the file immediately with the hard copy to follow across in due course. 


Reduced Storage Costs

There are no actual physical files that need to go to storage.  This is cost effective in a number of ways, firstly for removing the requirement to put a physical file in storage, and secondly, you will never have to recall a file form storage again, as the entire correspondence is saved within the case management system. Any information you require is also immediately available at all times.


Health & Safety

One of the main advantages to paperlite files is that you do not have to consider the implications of a fire risk at the office, as no files are stored there.  As there is an IT back up carried out everyday, files can immediately be logged into at another office.

There will be a limited amount of filing cabinets and storage spaces required as it is only for original documents retained.  This, therefore, reduces risk of injury from these items.  


Locum/holiday cover/assistance/Fee Earner illness

Historically, these events required attendance at the office in question, as they need the physical file to work from.  Under a paperlite system, staff do not need to travel to cover someone else’s work or assist on a file as all correspondence is kept centrally within the case management system, which can be accessed by any member of staff at any time.  This means that more time can be spent working, rather than travelling between offices to review files.


Admin Reduction 

Where all documents are saved within the system, large volumes of papers can be easily collated and sent by email within a matter of minutes.



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